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Dos, and Don’ts on a first date

Last Update : May 10, 2018

The art of seduction is unbelievably complicated, especially when you try to put it into practice on the first date.

You would need to follow some simple steps in order to impress your date, and guarantee you a second meeting.

Keep in mind the following dos, and don’ts to help you master your first date.


#Choose the perfect outfit

First impressions always matter! The idea is to wear nice clothes without pretending too much. You can go for that piece of clothing that makes you feel good in your own skin. You can dress comfortably, but try to avoid dressing very casual, especially if you are going to a fancy restaurant. You can always do some previous research about the place where your date is going to be held as this will help you to decide what is the right outfit to wear. Sexy clothes are for futures dates, so just leave something for the imagination!

#Be on time!

There is nothing as irritating as waiting for someone who is being late, especially if it someone you have not met before. If you are really interested in the person you are dating, do not cause a bad impression, and do not make him/her wait for you. Always consider how much time you will need to get ready for the date.

#Have a positive attitude

People usually look for a partner who makes them laugh, and who has a positive attitude towards life. Sharing your passions will make it is easier to connect with your date.

Use your sense of humour to break the ice, but leave inappropriate jokes to one side in order to avoid an awkward or embarrassing situation.

#Show interest in what your date says

Pay attention to what your date is talking about, and read his/her body language as well. The idea is to have an interesting conversation, getting to know each other, so to the extent to possible, avoid using your mobile phone. It looks very rude if, instead of looking at your date (keeping eye contact), you are glued to your mobile phone screen. You can always have a little chat about things that you have in common in order to grab his/her attention.

#Be yourself!

Do not pretend to be someone you are not to impress your date, basically for two reasons: sooner or later, you will not feel comfortable, and, at some point, even if it is during future dates, your date will discover who you really are. If he/she does not fall for who you are, then this person is probably not your soul mate.


#Set out your expectations too soon

The first thing you need to do is to be realistic, and keep your feet on the ground. You may be looking for a serious relationship, but there is no need to rush things up. Keep in mind that your date could be your future partner, but he/she may not.

Be positive, but not too dreamy because if you are, and if this is not the right person, later it will be harder for you to deal with it. Do not look desperate, as this will scare your date off. Just give you some time to know each other, and see what the future holds for you two.

#Get too personal or only talk about yourself

This is the first face-to-face contact between you two, so keep the conversation casual. There is no need to tell your date all about your personal history or bring out some serious, and often delicate, topics like religion or politics. First dates are great to find out what general things you both have in common.

Do not rely on talking too much about yourself either. This is not a therapy or a monologue about you, so do not bore the person you are with, with any personal issue. Instead, keep the conversation flowing. Ask your date some questions to find more about him/her, but do not act as this is like a police interrogation session.

Leave deep conversations for the future.

#Talk about your ex

Do not talk about your ex or any past relationships, under any circumstances. Your date does not need to hear why your previous relationships failed, and whose fault was. Instead, subtly focus on you two, and on what things you look for in a partner, but, as mentioned earlier, always be realistic, and avoid being too pushy when asking questions.

#Get drunk or be suggestive about sex

Of course you can have a couple of drinks, but there is no need for your date to see you completely wasted, falling over the place or telling that non-sense drunks stories.

The same happens with suggesting sex. Do you really want your date to think you are easy? If your plan is to get laid in the first date because you are looking something casual, then it may be OK, but if your idea is to start a new love story, it is better to keep some mystery, and romance for the upcoming dates.

#Add your date on FB or call straight away

The first date goes well, and it looks you both have many things in common. There is a chance of having a second meeting, so do you really want to ruin everything by acting very desperately, and calling right away or adding her/him on any of your social networks? Dating experts say the ideal time to wait to call is from two to four days, so give it a rest, and give you date some time to miss you.

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