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Dating teens

Last Update : May 10, 2018

Teens today are connected more than ever thanks to modern technology. Instead of scribbling their phone number down on a piece of crumpled up paper, they’re more likely to swap numbers via a Facebook/Twitter message. Online social media is the chosen method of communication for most young people. In fact, teens routinely contact each other through social media because their chances of hooking up are actually faster than using the traditional methods of face to face chat. It’s probably true to say that the new generation is growing up online. Perhaps it’s easier for shy teens to reach out from behind a computer screen, rather than risk face to face rejection. Hence, the huge online communities, networks and virtual party rooms that exist solely for young adults. Sites like Myspace and Facebook were firstly (and almost exclusively) used by young people maybe because of the anonymity they provided. Young people viewed them as potential dating sites. Social media platforms continue to flourish and expand and as long as they do, teens will continue to choose cyberspace as their primary method of communication.

The teenager and the importance of social interaction

Adolescence is a complex and confusing time for most young people. They are just beginning to explore the intricacies and wonders of romantic feelings and attraction to the opposite sex can be instant and overwhelming. Having an extended social circle is paramount to teens as they grapple with a great need to belong and find acceptance in peer groups and in personal relationships. Dating sites, social networks, and chat rooms provide the perfect breeding ground from which they can swap experience and knowledge. They create a safe environment where young people feel free to exchange ideas and views without having to worry about being judged or ridiculed.

Teens are not on the lookout for the love of their life; they’re more interested in learning and gaining information about how relationships work. Their emotions are easily distracted by someone new and passions rise and fall very quickly. Internet and mobile phone exchanges are are almost sacrosanct to teens and they can become deeply involved within a very short space of time. The shared, mutual trust that develops in the confines of a dating site arena can really help those with confidence issues.

What type of sites do teenagers use for social interaction?

Above all else, teens demand instant interaction with their peers. There are a variety of sites like Max, Tinder and IceBreaker that cater for that kind of immediate contact. The platforms that mostly attract the young are those that offer detailed and interesting profiles. Because of the ever popular mobile phone, dating applications can offer easy accessibility. As most young folk are always on the go, these mobile-friendly versions attract throngs of teenagers.

Moreover, traditional and paid dating sites are often off limits for teenagers simply because they can’t afford to become a member. As well as financial restrictions, younger people prefer sites that are specifically suited to a teens needs. As a result, there are a plethora of free sites available to teens who want to hook up with others.

A lot of these sites recognize the real problem young people have when it comes to transport and getting from one place to another. They team up teens who live in the same area or region which gives them a better chance of meeting up with someone who lives locally.

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