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Create a Tinder Profile

Last Update : May 10, 2018

Tinder is a free application, available on mobile phones, that offers an experience much like speed dating. It allows you to scroll through profiles of singles located within your designated geographical area, which you can then “like”. If that person also “likes” your profile, Tinder matches you with that person, allowing you both to chat. Dating on social networks opens new horizons for mobile application developers competing for ideas to help singles find love. The concept seems new and revolutionary, but to make the most of it and to avoiding wasting your time, here are some tips for creating a great Tinder profile…

Choosing your Tinder photos

Tinder doesn’t work like most conventional dating sites. The potential for a lot of “likes” is determined primarily by your profile picture. While other users scroll endlessly through profiles, you can grab their attention with a great profile picture that stands out. But remember not to neglect the rest of your profile, like your other photos and description. You must be brief and concise — with Tinder, you only have a few seconds to convince a potential match that you’re the one.

So what do you need for a good Tinder profile? It’s important to have a main photo (note that some profiles don’t have a photo and, of course, it doesn’t work out well…) and several secondary photos. It’s ideal to have 4 to 5 photos, with at least 3 of them that show off your fun side (it is essential to show that you’re laid back and easy going on Tinder). To be even more enticing, choose distinct images that show different aspects of your personality: a portrait for your primary photo (the one that will attract all the “likes”), one of you doing sports or a fun activity, a photo of you with your friends, etc.

In essence, try to focus on the “cool”, “friendly” and “active” aspects of your personality in your photos, keeping in mind there some activities appear better than other in photos (volleyball is way sexier that knitting).

Specify your interests

When you create your Tinder profile, Facebook uses the data you’ve already established (and therefore your interests) to match you with others. Sometimes, however, they are not always up-to-date or relevant. Be sure to go over your Facebook information, such as favourite music, books, movies, etc. for anything that seems out of place or no longer relevant to you. To optimize your profile, update your interests and add new ones, as they will automatically update the Tinder app as well.

You don’t need to lie about what you’re passionate about, however. Your interests are the secondary topic of conversation after your initial introduction (after “Hey. How are you? What do you do for a living?”). It would be a shame to end up trapped in a conversation, pretending to be the biggest fan of Grey’s Anatomy when you haven’t even seen the last two season. Be true to yourself and stay honest — it’s always the best policy!

Don’t skip your description

While it’s suggested to go into as much detail as possible in your dating site profile, Tinder is a different beast altogether: it’s all in the wording, the teasing and the tone. Your description may seem secondary, but it should not be overlooked. If a potential matched clicked your profile but your description was left empty, they will likely skip it altogether. Its importance cannot be overstated.

Describe yourself in a few lines (between 5 and 8) as if you were advertising yourself, but remain subtle yet enthusiastic. Forget the redundant “I am Julien. I am 20 years old, green eyes, I like to go hiking in the forest and am looking for my second half”. On Tinder, it should be cool and fun, so put some energy into it! It’s not advised that you put a disclaimer in your description, such as “No jerks. If you’re not serious, skip!” because comes off as an aggressive approach. On Tinder, it is, above all, friendly (you’re there to meet people, right?). Also watch your spelling, grammar and tone of your sentences.

So what is the trick to writing a description that shows the world to see that you have a cool attitude and that you’re relaxed and super-extra-friendly (but natural, of course)? Talk about your experiences and anecdotes to catch the interest of other and appear relatable. Add a pinch of humour and sense of mystery and you’ve got yourself a great profile.

By applying these few small tips, you will significantly improve your likelihood of creating a match on Tinder and landing that perfect date!

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