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Are all dating sites safe and serious ?

All of the dating sites Australia we have ranked on our website have passed through strict tests to verify their safety. All of them ask for a verification email and a card number to its users in order to be able to enjoy its services. This method is a very secure way of avoiding frauds and scams. On top of that, almost all the dating sites have an extra layer of security that you can adjust from your profile when you have a Premium membership. For that reason, if you want to have a safe online dating experience, we recommend you to only check Online dating sites that offer a Premium membership as free dating sites tend to be riskier when it comes to ensuring the privacy or the security of its users.
Check our ranking with the best and safest online dating sites Australia!
However, it should be noted that, like with everything on the internet, you should always be careful and make sure you really get to know somebody before sharing any information with them. Most importantly, do not share under any circumstance your bank detail with any user of an online dating site. Read our tips on how to successfully prevent your finances from online dating scams. The best dating sites Australia check every single new profile created on their site. This method tends to be one of the most effective ones when it comes to avoiding scams or fake profiles. However despite all these measures, dating sites can’t 100% guarantee the good faith of all its users, that is why it is wise to always be careful when you surf a dating website.
We have created a dating guide with tips to follow to ensure a safe online dating experience.

Online dating safety golden rules:

  • If you’re going to meet up with another user, make sure you choose a public space and that you let your family or friends know about your arrangement.
  • Another very important rule to remember is to never share your bank account or address with other users.
  • Get to know the users before you share important personal information with them.
  • If you find fake profiles, notify your dating site's customer service.
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