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Dating myth or reality? – Sex on the third date

Last Update : March 1, 2017

Intimacy is key to make a relationship work. It is not just about getting physical, but it is also a delicate moment when two souls connect and emotions flow as well. This is why it is one of the biggest steps to be taken when dating someone new.

Some daters prefer to wait a few encounters to deeply know the other person and see if there is real potential for a long-lasting relationship.

Others are more decisive and prefer to seal the deal on the first couple of dates.

So, when is the best time to intimate with a new partner?

The dating hypothesis: daters tend to get intimate on the third date

Over the years, there have been different dating theories about when is the perfect moment to head to the sheets with a new partner.

Several dating and relationship renowned experts have suggested that usually singles are keen to follow the called “third-date” rule, which means waiting until date number three to get intimate.

The reason is because it gives you the necessary time to get to know your date and check if there is real chemistry without prolonging the dating game unnecessarily.

There are not current studies showing that a vast majority of daters are strictly following this unwritten norm, but it has been accepted as a point of reference for scores of singles in the search for a potential serious partner.

In fact, ABC News published a study in 2004 in which it was shown that nearly three of every ten Americans have had sex before the third date: the passion was unleashed on the first encounter!

Men’s perspective

Currently, the “three-date” rule undoubtedly has become a valuable source of reference for most single men.

Some dating experts have recently suggested that most unattached men expect to get into bed with their partner on the first three dates.

If the opportunity has not arisen during this period of time, then it is like a sign that the woman is not physically attracted and thus, there are not any chances to get involved in a relationship that goes beyond pure friendship.

Women’s perspective

For single women works differently. If a girl gets intimate too soon, on a first or second date, then many people would consider her to be very easy, but if she waits to go out on some more dates, then she will be seen as prudish.

Some females go for the three date norm, but others prefer to vary depending on the guy they are dating and their feelings for him.

Dating myth or reality?

Nowadays there are not studies showing that the popularly-known as the “third-date” rule is meticulously followed by most singles and in fact, daters rely more on how they feel at the given moment with their new date without thinking when would be the perfect moment to get intimate.

Both single men and women prefer to stick to their personal choice when it comes to have sex with a new partner.

If, on the first encounter they feel there is a connection with their date, they do not hesitate to wait for later meetings to get closer.

However, it is obvious that most daters prefer to be sure about their and their date’s feelings before jumping into bed and it seems that three dates is the perfect period of time to know if the story can really pass the test of time. Thus, getting physical on the date number three is a dating reality!