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Dating myth or reality? – Office affairs

Last Update : March 1, 2017

Having an affair at the office is one the recurrent fantasies for many people.

You may be walking on a thin line and jeopardize your job, but there is something thrilling about breaking the rules and getting caught by other work mates.

However, do really people risk their work position to enjoy a temporary secret love story at the office?

The dating hypothesis: people have dated a co-worker at least once in their lifetime

A romance at the office is forbidden in most companies, but several studies have shown that many couples initiated their relationship at their work place.

In 2013, the recruitment agency Career Builder proved that nearly four out of ten American employers have dated a co-worker.

The following year, another study by the website proved that more than half of business professionals living in the States have, at some point, been involved with a work colleague.

Closeness brings affection and it seems that for many the goal is not simply having a discreet romance with a work mate, something that is just temporary.

In fact, it is the opposite. Many secret office stories have result in a long-term relationship or even marriage.

In 2004, the author Diane Maple published a book about modern courtship called “How to Date in a Post-Dating World” where she proved that 40% of people who dated a work mate ended up marrying him/her.

Men’s perspective

Men and women are equally up for having a romance at the office, but while many women search for something long-term, men prefer to enjoy a secret adventure.

According to Vault’s survey, both single and already married men are more into office hook-ups than long-term commitments. And when looking for a non-serious partner within the office walls, they tend to search for a woman who is under their professional level.

Women’s perspective

On the contrary, usually if a woman risks her work position by getting involved with a co-worker is because she expects finding her significant other.

Currently, as the study shows, there are more results of women who are having a serious relationship after dating someone from her work place than women who simply are having or seeking a temporary affair.

Women are also more attracted to men who are over her professional level rather than those who work as subordinates.

Dating myth or reality?

Nowadays, getting involved with someone at the office is still being perceived as something that is prohibited, but somehow is more accepted than years ago.

The reason why it is so, is because many people look for a potential long-term partner instead of something temporary.

Nevertheless, there are some differences between genres. The way men and women behave when dating a work colleague and their aspirations.

The risk may be extremely high, but this does not stop people having romances at their work place. Thus, office affairs still are a thing, a real one!