Falling in love at first bite

Last Update : January 19, 2017

It is commonly said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Food very often plays a key role when seducing your date.

There is a close relation between certain ingredients, and romance.

On one way, you can make your date to completely fall for you thanks to your culinary skills, and of course with the little help of some aphrodisiac food.

On the other, diet preferences are also a good excuse to meet like-minded food lovers from all over Australia. Currently in the market there is a great range of dating websites, and apps for foodies.

Dinner date at home

You are at the point where you have been in a couple of dates with that man/woman, and until now everything has gone according to your plan, but now it is time to get more intimate by having a dinner date at home. Cooking for your date for the first time can be a relationship deal breaker.

Keep in mind that the best option to seal the deal is to go for a meal that increases your date’s appetite, and, at the same time, increments passion.

Be creative, and set a romantic atmosphere with some relaxing music, and scented candles, and when you are at the kitchen, go for ingredients that are known for boosting pleasure: chocolate, almonds, oysters, and similar options.

Do not forget that it is about the flavours, but shape is also important. If you are feeling a bit naughty, you may be want to be more suggestive by using ingredients with particular shapes as well.

Dating apps for foodies

A healthy lifestyle, and particular food preferences connect people. Usually singles are matched considering aspects like for example personality type or interests.

Once again, food plays a bigger role here. Recently, a very popular food, and beverage brand launched a video of an experiment they made where several singles had a blind date, and the main factor was that they were matched taking into account their favourite flavours, and meals. It revealed that besides physical attraction, in most cases, food also was a key factor to seduce their date.

When it comes to dating online, you also have the option to go for niche websites, and apps that focus on your food, and raw diet preferences.

Dating platforms like Veggie Romance or Paleo Connect give you the opportunity to meet thousands of singles, who are into an eating healthy lifestyle, and that are looking for love online.

It seems that it is true that people may fall in love at first bite!