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What NOT to do on a first date

Last Update : December 23, 2015

Going on a date can be extremely nerve-wracking, going through all the things you should be doing and saying, especially when it’s the first date. We made a list of things you should definitely avoid when going on a date searching for the love of your life

Don’t be late. It’s not nice when you’re meeting your date for the first time and they end up making you wait, a nervous wreck now worried you might be stood up.
Ladies, being around 10 minutes fashionably late is acceptable but should be avoided. Any more than that and not only is it rude but it also gives a terrible first impression. You also waste precious time that you could spend enjoying one another’s company.
Fellas don’t be late! Any amount of lateness is unacceptable as a lady should never have to go into the restaurant or bar alone. If you leave her waiting around for you, don’t expect to hear back from her any time soon.

Not dressing up. Yes you are allowed to dress how you want, however bear in mind when you’re going on a first date with a person you are making the first impression and appearance matters. No one wants to go on a date with someone who can’t even make the effort put on a fresh shirt or nice dress when meeting for the first time. Dressing up makes a better first impression and helps your chances of more dates after the first one.

Don’t drink too much.  Of course you can have a couple of drinks – it does help calm your nerves after all. But getting completely drunk on your first date will only end badly. Not only will you end up bumbling lots of nonsense but you might end up talking about your ex or latest conquest, which takes us on to our next point.

Don’t go on about your ex. No date wants to hear about your ex and how horrible they were. Not only is this a bad topic of conversation,  it also make your date think if you talk about your ex to them after just meeting them, what will you say about them after the date? Or if you do end up in a relationship and it doesn’t work out.